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About DocSecure

DocSecure is designed to simplify document storage and retrieval

A Lot of Features You Will Love

Document management systems are by design cumbersome, labour and maintenance intensive. We started DocSecure to bring an end to complex document management solutions, one that is simple for end users yet powerful and stable enough for even the largest companies to operate.


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Simplicity is Key

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DocSecure Features

Cloud Computing

DocSecure is designed to be fast, whether hosted in the cloud or on premise.

Department Links

Operate DocSecure accross multiple departments whilst ensuring the appropriate security is in place to prevent unauthorised access to any documents that are not specifically for users within that department.

Self Diagnostic

DocSecure does not want nor need a dedicated IT team to manage it. DocSecure is will log support tickets automatically in the event of an internal failure thereby letting someone know when it needs assistance, the rest of the time it is too busy being simplistically fast.

Built in Webserver

No reliance on Apache, IIS as DocSecure is a free standing application that will never be impacted by other web applications that may run on the same environment. Web server licensing and upgrades are a thing of the past too.

Use Mobile Devices Intelligently

Ever thought to use mobile devices to track and index PODs? Get real time delivery information that doesnt require an army of people to manage.

Document Security - 128 bit encryption keys

Your documents are safe no one in your organisation could decrypt them for any reasons. We make it our business to secure your documents for your business.

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  • Single User
  • 1 Department
  • Limited File Upload Storage
  • Easy Control



deployed solution pricing monthly/annually

  • Full Suite installed on premise
  • Unilimited Staff Login
  • Unlimited File Upload
  • On-Site Technical Support
  • Easy Control